Team Bonding Baking Workshop Singapore

 Team Bonding Baking Workshop Singapore Want to bake together in a joyous environment with your fellow colleagues? This is a workshop for you. Build skills such communication, trust and discipline through baking. Team building activities can help in increasing employee motivation and nurture a good corporate culture. When a group of staff completes a team […]

Cute Mini Cupcakes

These cupcakes are special because it brings love and joy to people. These cute cupcakes can be made for kids on their parties, Wedding day or even for your girlfriend. Cupcakes are great for any occasions and what more if it is cute mini ones. People will love it and there’s a chance they are […]

Kids baking class

A baking class for kids where there is a lot of joy and happiness to spread. Kids that love to bake are one of a kind and it’s really cute to see them baking as well. The kids will have a lot of fun baking here at Heiraz and there is a lot of bonding […]

Teen Baking Class

A class for teenage bakers. This is good for them as they could use the skills and knowledge for when they are married or help their parents when there is an occasion such as Hari Raya. There are so many things for them to learn here and it is fun and worth it as they […]

Customized Cookies Singapore

Customized cookies are always cool because they don’t really sell it in store but you have to ask for it and tell them what design you want and that is the fun part about customising cookies. This is especially great for children as of course kids likes chocolates and candies so why not try and […]

Mooncake Facts

Mooncakes aren’t always halal Despite usually not containing any pork , mooncakes aren’t always prepared in a halal-certified manner – and some baked mooncakes use lard – so it’s best to check with the seller before gifting them to Muslim friends. But in Heiraz, of course it’s halal and delicious. Mooncakes are cut into slices […]

Cake Facts

The real reason you need the exact amounts of the various ingredients in what you’re baking to be precise is because you’re making a small, controlled chemical reaction. The wrong amounts mean that it won’t work at all. Flour gives your confection a structure Baking powder or soda adds air bubbles Eggs act like the […]